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We stock used and surplus GE QMR style panelboard switches at our Minneapolis warehouse, and have been selling them for over 35 years.

 Interchangeable with THFP style switches:

  • 30 to 1200 amp
  • 240, 480 and 600 volts
  • Single and Twin Switches
  • Connector Kits/Mounting Hardware Available
  • QMR Switches are OBSOLETE

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GE QMR - Fusible 480/600V

Catalog # Amps
QMR361 30 Twin
QMR362 60 Twin
QMR363 100 Twin
QMR364 200
QMR365 400
QMR366 600
QMR367 800
QMR368 1200

GE QMR - Fusible 240V

Catalog # Amps
QMR321 30 Twin
QMR322 60 Twin
QMR323 100 Twin
QMR324 200
QMR325 400
QMR326 600
QMR327 800
QMR328 1200


We carry a wide variety of brands, including:

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We've ALWAYS been green!
H&H Buying & Selling, Inc. has been committed to the reuse and recycling of high quality industrial, commercial and residential electrical products since our beginning.
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