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We stock used and surplus Square D QMB style panelboard switches at our Twin Cities warehouse. These switches mount into the current style Square D QED panelboards. These QMB panelboard switches do not interchange with the old style SAFLEX switches.

  • 30 to 800 amps
  • 240, 480 and 600 volts
  • Single and Twin Switches
  • Connecting Kit / Mounting Hardware

Square D QMB - W Fusible 480V

Catalog # Amps Fuse Style
QMB361TW 30 Twin Class R
QMB362TW 60 Twin Class R
QMB363TW 100 Twin Class R
QMJ363T 100 Twin Class J
QMB364W 200 Class R
QMJ364T 200 Twin Class J
QMB365W 400 Class R
QMB365MW 400 Main Class R
QMJ365 400 Class J
QMB366W 600 Class R
QMB366MW 600 Main Class R
QMB367W 800 Class R
QMB367MW 800 Main Class R
QMB368W 1200  Class R
QMB368MW 1200 Main Class R

Square D QMB - W Fusible 240V

Catalog # Amps Fuse Style
QMB321TW 30 Twin Class R
QMB322TW 60 Twin Class R
QMB323TW 100 Twin Class R
QMB324W 200 Class R
QMB325W 400 Class R
QMB325MW 400 Main Class R
QMB326W 600 Class R
QMB326MW 600 Main Class R
QMB327W 800 Class R
QMB327MW 800 Main Class R
QMB328W 1200 Class R
QMB328MW 1200 Main Class R


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