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75 KVA | 480 to 240/120 | Used and New | Dry Type Transformers


We carry used and new 75 KVA, 480 to 240/120, Delta Delta dry type transformers. 


  • Nema 1 or Nema 3R
  • Aluminum or Copper Wound
  • We can ship same day in most cases


We have been selling Transformers for over 30 years.  Contact us or call us today at 1-888-588-6560, and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


More Used & New Transformers

75 KVA, 480 to 240/120
Brand Catalog #
Jefferson 423-7237-000
Hammond NMK075KD
ACME TP1-53344-3S
Eaton/Cutler Hammer V48M22T75B
Eaton/Cutler Hammer w/ no 120 tap V48J24T75N
Federal Pacific T43T75S
Federal Pacific T43T75E
GE 9T23B3884
Hevi-Duty T5H75S
Hevi-Duty ET5H75S
Siemens 3F1Y075TE
Square D 75T6H
 Square D  EE75T6H

Full Load Currents/3 Phase Transformers
KVA Rating
208V 240V 480V
75 208 180 90